30 Oct

Omegaray – Etna (Official Music Video)

Etna is an animated music video for the Greek band Omegaray.

We tried to compose a story that would have a flow similar to that of a volcano. Although the volcano is an apparent component of the video, we wanted to achieve a steady flux of elements filling our screen, like lava flowing all over the place.

Apart from the volcano we can see the shapes of a man and a woman who seem to interact, leading to the “explosion” which co-occurs with the alteration of the intensity of the music. The explosion is also highlighted by the entrance of colours into the composition.

Direction, Animation & Illustration: DaDive Studio

The Band :
George Karanikolas – guitar/voice
Stefanos Flotsios – guitar/voice
Mono Kaktos – percussion/voice
Kostas Loukopoulos – percussion/voice

Channels :


03 Jun

Edinburgh, Athens of the North

The project examines the way urban tourism has transformed the urban space into a product to be consumed by tourists, who have turned into constant image seekers. More particularly, a research based on the area of Edinburgh intends to observe the promotion of the urban and cultural heritage, especially through the prism of the label of the city “Athens of the North”. The roots of this sign of Edinburgh, along with the way it affects the tourist gaze, constitute the main parts of interest. The final design work consists of an animation which presents a mixture of the two cities, Athens and Edinburgh. The notion of the visual dominance, as the image is what is grasped through the continuous movement of the tourist, is stored into the animation. The video is a result of a frame by frame design through the use of multiple techniques and programs. (3D + 2D collage, photography, Blender, Photoshop, Premier)