14 Jun

METAMAN 54 || fanzine

– Hey man, what’s metaman?
– Metaman is a drawing, dude!

Metaman was born during the military service, without any technique or special skill on the subject, firstly as a joke which turned out as a habit and finally became a need.

Always gnarly, with something to say about everything

Sometimes talking in first person, and others in third, in strips or comics and lately in a single image, following the cartoonists’ tradition, metaman has the ambition to say exactly what he thinks without any second thoughts.

Metaman is a cartoon hero who used to be published online, but now he decided to be printed at last. We created 120 b&w pages with Metaman stories, with the centre spread using two colors (black and red).Besides creating the cartoons, we dedicated ourselves in creating the layout suitable for a punk cartoon hero like METAMAN.



Small preview of the printed issue