04 Feb

Strange Brew – “Mandy Black” promo video

Beyond the reefs of howling wind,
Hides the rebel bandit Queen.
She storms the ships of Union Jack,
Their Stout barrels to take back.
And people sing with pints on hand:
“Here’s to you,o, Mandy Black!”

Video made for Strange Brew, for their new beer “Mandy Black”

Client: Strange Brew/ strangebrew.gr
Direction : DaDive Studio
Design & Label Design : Nearchos Ntaskas/ polkadot.gr
Animation : Maro Botsiou


08 Oct

Devil’s Bride Official Video – Dreams in Chains

Official video for the song “Devil’s Bride” by Dreams in Chains. We were asked by the band to create a story about a woman who is dreaming to be chased and is made to sign a contract with the devil, in order to make her misery stop.

28 Feb

The Nut House

23 Jan

Step 06 – Deliver project

We present you the final result, which meets the design and technical requirements that we’ve discussed on first place and we’re proud to collaborate with you.
We can now relax, waiting for your next project! We’ll be happy to hear from you and give us feedback for our collaboration.

Here you can see some of our completed projects.



16 Jan

Step 04 – Offer Acceptance

When you accept our offer, and you want us to undertake your project, we determine inside deadlines and meetings on which we commit on presenting you the progress of the project, while you commit on covering your financial obligations towards us.
All agreements come with a document which describes all the details, deadlines and specs which we follow as a guide, and all we’re asking from you is to confirm via e-mail that you accept all of the above.
28 Nov

Step 03 – Our Offer

Here we put what we’ve discussed on writing and we’re making you an offer where we describe what needs to be done divided into parts, the dates of our upcoming meetings and the overall cost of the project. So, because you might already have questions about how much this project is going to cost here are some information that will probably help you understand our charges.