30 Oct

Omegaray – Etna (Official Music Video)

Etna is an animated music video for the Greek band Omegaray.

We tried to compose a story that would have a flow similar to that of a volcano. Although the volcano is an apparent component of the video, we wanted to achieve a steady flux of elements filling our screen, like lava flowing all over the place.

Apart from the volcano we can see the shapes of a man and a woman who seem to interact, leading to the “explosion” which co-occurs with the alteration of the intensity of the music. The explosion is also highlighted by the entrance of colours into the composition.

Direction, Animation & Illustration: DaDive Studio

The Band :
George Karanikolas – guitar/voice
Stefanos Flotsios – guitar/voice
Mono Kaktos – percussion/voice
Kostas Loukopoulos – percussion/voice

Channels :


08 Oct

Devil’s Bride Official Video – Dreams in Chains

Official video for the song “Devil’s Bride” by Dreams in Chains. We were asked by the band to create a story about a woman who is dreaming to be chased and is made to sign a contract with the devil, in order to make her misery stop.